Climate Change

The phrase “Climate Change” is omnipresent these days. It describes the change of the climate as a consequence of the Greenhouse effect.

What changed and what exactly is the consequence of the Greenhouse Effect?

The direct consequence of increasing sunlight radiation staying within the planets’ atmosphere is having more warmth within the atmosphere, which is warming up the surface of the planet. Since the late 19th century, the surface temperature increased about 0,9 Degree C / 1,62 d Fahrenheit. The impact of an increasing surface temperature can be seen and measured.


Global Ocean warming, due to surface warming


Rise of the sea level, due to melting ice sheets and glaciers


Ocean acidification due to absorbing emissions from the atmosphere

Shrinking Ice sheets of Greenland and the Polar caps, due to surface warming.


Glacier retreat, due to surface warming

Increase of extreme weather events, due to changed conditions, water

Check out this page for facts, graphics and current measurements of the changes mentioned:

The crucial question is: What can we do to stop the climate change? What can YOU do? There are many things you can do to help the planet, to be a real planethelper! Get started and pick your favorite topic: