Be a planethelper and help avoiding plastic!

In general, before you buy something, think first if this product is made of plastic and if this is really necessary or any other alternative is available.

Very often you might see things, that are made of metal, wood or glas instead of plastic for example. Some brands offer already products announced as “plastic free”.

Be a planethelper and think about alternatives.

  • Metal, bambus or eatable straws instead of plastic straws
  • Metal coffee cups
  • Sparkling water maker for you home use instead of plastic bottles
  • Bring your own bag when you go shopping, do not get new plastic bags from shops
  • Do not pack vegetables and fruits in an extra plastic bag, mother nature has equipped them with a protection skin already
  • Computer Mouse made of wood
  • Mobile phone cover made of cork
  • Bambus Q-Tips
  • Hairbrush made of wood
  • Balloons made of natural rubber

Check out these ideas: