Be a planethelper and change your of traffic behaviour to directly reduce CO2 emissions:

  • Reduce using your car: Start carpooling
  • Prefer public transportation, bike or walk, if you have the chance
  • If you have to use your car, plan your trip and combine your destinations
  • Turn-off your motor if you stand still for a while
  • Drive ecofriendly, no racing speed

Be a planethelper and reduce energy sourced from high emission power plants.

  • Change your heating behaviour: Reduce temperature at night, turn of the heat if window is open
  • Select an ecofriendly power provider, supporting sustainable ressources (wind, solar energy, etc.)
  • In elections: Vote for parties who support sustainable energy industires
  • Isolate your house, to prevent heat from floating out
  • Use low power consumption light bulbs
  • Turn off the light if you don’t need light

Be a planethelper and reduce resources by controlling your consumer behaviour.

Why? Because everyhting you buy or own is made by an industrie which ultimately increases emissions through normal businesses.

  • Start recycling
  • Buy regional products to reduce food transportation emissions
  • Buy fruits and vegetables during their natural season. See a seasons table here. If you buy fruits and vegetables, which are grown out of their natural season, it costs a lot of energy and ressources which ultimately increase the emissions and thereof global warming.
  • Dispose toxic waste only at special waste receiving stations

(More to come soon)

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