We humans share our planet with about 8,7 million species of animals, whereof 6,5 million are living on the land, and 2,3 in the seas. The variety of animal types seems to be endless, their length can be as short as a 8.5 millionths of a meter, and as long as 33.6 meters / 110 ft.

The humans make use of some animals: Food (meat, eggs, milk), raw material (leather, wool for fashion), as pets in their household, as well as for several works (e.g. donkeys for transport, dogs to hunt, dogs as human assistants).

But a lot of animals on our planet are endangerd. They are facing threats which are caused by the worlds most dangerous predator: the human.

Major animal threats:

  • Habitat: The humans increasing population is expanding and needs more land to live and for agriculture. This takes the animals homes.
  • Food: Increasing exploitation of the planets resources leads to less food for wild animals
  • Introduction of foreign species into an existing environment
  • Overhunting and -fishing: If there are no limits (e.g. not hunting season, region, no young animals), the population cannot recover and extinct.
  • Poaching: Wild animals are being poached for fun and ego, as well as for curious believes or customs (sacrifies or selling dead animal pieces).
  • Pollution and diseases
  • Loss of genetic variation

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