Our planet is covered 70% by the ocean. The beautiful blue ocean is the reason why our planet is called the blue planet. The ocean is an important part of the ecologycal system and influences the climate.

The oceans facts:

  • The ocean hold about 321 million cubic miles / 1.34 billion cubic kilometers of water, which is 97% of the planets’ total water
  • Oceans absorb sun heat, transfers it into the atmosphere and distributes it around the globe; heats the land in the winter time and cools it down during summer time.
  • Oceans are the home of millions of sea life, plants and animals
  • Ocean life depends on Phytoplankton, which is a microscopic organism on the water surface, that produce 50% of the world’s total oxygen

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But oceans face threats, made by humans:

  • Ocean Pollution
  • Sedimentation
  • Unsustainable fishing
  • Global warming

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